7 Passages for Living with Purpose

An online forum in which I participate recently posed the following question: What Bible verses reflect to you what it means to “Live with Purpose”? I don’t believe I had ever given the question any thought previously, at least not in any specific way.  There were several passages that came immediately to mind, though.  As… Continue reading 7 Passages for Living with Purpose

Images in Gmail Inbox?!

I was just about to go to bed when my nightly email from Sears, Roebuck, and Company popped into my Gmail inbox.  Normally, this is just a click & delete email.  But this one caught my attention. Do you see that?  Just to the left of the text “Sears”? It’s the “S” from the Sears… Continue reading Images in Gmail Inbox?!

Quitting-time Sunshine

There are certain days every year that help me mark the passing of time.  Certainly fixed dates like holidays and birthdays are on this list, but there are other days as well.  These days have no official names and are not fixed to a specific date. Nevertheless, they come every year, signaling the passage of… Continue reading Quitting-time Sunshine